Without Feathers

It is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how the US is going to avoid further decline, both economically and politically. The gears of governance are being jammed and corrupted, quite purposefully and often quite explicitly, by those who stand to gain in wealth and power from the negation of the institutions which have been constructed for the precise purpose of preventing such isolated and undemocratic accretions of wealth and power as these people now have and wish to increase.

Anyone detached from the mythologies which presume that America will, axiomatically – as a consequence of the perfection and magic of its constitution or as a consequence of God’s discriminating grace or because of some fount of ‘common sense’ – be exempt from frightening internal turmoil or degradation into serious and widespread poverty (or both of those along with oppressive police-state controls which modern technology might so easily facilitate)  can’t be at ease with what we are witnessing.

My argument is not that these things will happen but rather that they could. And that such possibilities are nearer than most suppose.

Over the next while (though time is scarce) I will try to lay out why I’ve come to such a negative perspective here. Can we grant right off the top that I may well have some of this wrong?


One response to “Without Feathers

  1. Welcome back Bernie. I don’t know what made me check in on you today, but I am glad I did.
    I probably won’t express this well, and it isn’t an opinion based on vast amounts of research – actually it is based on none – but I’ve wondered over the last few years if this is what Democracy is supposed to look like at 230+ years old? Is it an experiment that has run it’s course or met it’s anticipated expiration date? Is there nothing to fix? I wonder if it would not be a better use of time to try and come up with something new, rather than trying to fix something that may be irreparably broken. I hope I am wrong, but from my perspective the signs aren’t good.
    Or, is it simply that capitalism (or greed) and Democracy cannot mix. Have we just ignored the whole “oil and water” effect the two have on each other, until the mess exploded?
    I also look around and see the O’Donnells, the Pauls the Palins and feel like I am totally out of the loop. Like I miss a meeting or a secret message. Is their god really talking to them? And if he is, what the hell kind of a “god” can he be? Are we seriously considering allowing these nitwits to govern us?
    I’ve never been a paranoid person. I never pay enough attention to my surroundings to become paranoid. I’ve never been accused of being a pessimist either. I tend to think anything can be done, if I (or if others) just try hard enough. But I am beginning to feel my limitations.

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