Friday stuff

Goldstone responds to Peres et al

If you happened to see Wolf Blitzer’s interview with the lawyer defending the accused shooter at Ft. Hood, you may have wondered how such a pompous and really rather stupid man got and maintains his media postion.   Here’s   Michael Tomasky on the interview.

The neoconservative camp, even moreso than the typical conservative, continues to pump up the idea that Russia is a big bad dangerous creature in need of aggressive military opposition.  During the Reagan era, these people were influential and that influence continued on under Bush 2 where, concentrating on this ‘issue’, they disregarded the threats that Richard Clarke and others advised would come from al qaeda.  They are still at it. Anti-communism was the ideological center of seventies conservatism and neoconservatism and it’s no easy thing to have your center disappear.  Of course, all of this makes rather more sense when one links together this militarist zest and the huge amounts of corporate money which arise from US militarism.


2 responses to “Friday stuff

  1. Happy to see that someone else shares my opinion of Wolf Blitzer.

  2. Good day, Louis.

    He is a rather vacuous media presence, isn’t he? Hardly alone in that of course.

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