h/t Andrew Sullivan


5 responses to “Drat

  1. Hi Bernie,

    I just came across an interesting article at TPM.
    It seems Dick Armey has been squiring Hoffman around town, he’s the conservative Palin endorsed a couple of weeks ago creating a bit of a wave. Apparently Hoffman isn’t too well versed on the issues of his district.


    • Hi Imsinca

      Yes, I’d caught mention of Armey’s support for Hoffman but hadn’t read this piece with its description of Hoffman as lacking knowledge and preparedness. Not surprising this wouldn’t bother Armey in the slightest given his earlier opinion that “Politics is about 97 percent fiction and 3 percent imagination.” It’s a handy justification for everything Armey gets up to.

  2. Bernie, I’m having trouble distinguishing fact from fiction here. Help me out, is this a real excerpt from the diary or just a parody? I’m being serious, I really can’t tell.


  3. Imsinca


  4. Yeah but it’s almost believable isn’t it?

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