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Walt Whitman sells Levis

Now here’s a bloody bright ad.    You move through wondering if it might actually foment a youth movement…


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The Muslim threat to American rationalism

Is the John Hagee/Joe Lieberman alliance of right-wing American Jews and evangelical Christians — based on the premise that God demands that all land, including the West Bank and Gaza, be possessed by Jews — devoted to the advancement of “the Western way of reason”?  Is the platform of the Texas GOP — which calls for the criminalization of all sex between gay adults; the denial of all custody rights to gay people, even over their own children; the teaching of creationism in all public schools; and the denial of medical care to prisoners other than those who can pay for it — an example of “the Western way of reason”?   How about the Catholic Church’s proselytizing against birth control in areas of the world drowning in poverty, AIDS and overpopulation?  Are torture, Guantanamo, Bagram, disappearing people, immunizing war criminals and multiple decade-long wars shining examples of “the Western way of reason”?  How about invading a country on totally false pretenses, shattering and destroying it, and causing the deaths of at least 100,000 human beings?

Hey – look over there.  Muslims.  They’re waging war on reason and taking over.  We have to unite to stop them. Glenn Greenwald


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And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

Lynn Vincent made headlines when she was selected as the ghostwriter for Sarah Palin’s soon-to-be-bestselling memoir, “Going Rogue.” As an editor at the Christian World magazine, Vincent has railed against abortion rights, gay marriage and the theory of evolution. She is also the coauthor of the book “Donkey Cons,” which purports to prove, among other claims, “how Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and John F. Kennedy were elected with the help of the mob.” Her coauthor on that book, Robert Stacey McCain (no relation to John McCain) has spoken outagainst interracial marriage.

ghostwriters from outside the solar system

Dolphin football

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If Gypsy’s ruled the world

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Cheney v 2.0

As I suggested below, the RNC types may be setting up Liz Cheney for a political run at the presidency or, perhaps more likely, the VP slot.  It’s a bit difficult to game out what these incredible jerks are up to.

As announced recently, Cheney is being pushed forward as one of the heads (along with Bill Kristol) of “Keep America Safe”. Maureen Dowd writes:

Kristol joked to Politico’s Ben Smith that the venture might serve as a launching pad for Liz to run for office. (A Senate bid from Virginia, where she lives, or Wyoming, which she still calls home?)

That raises the terrifying specter that some day we could see a Palin-Cheney ticket, promoted by Kristol.

Sarah would bring her content-free crackle and gut instincts; Liz would bring facts and figures distorted by ideology. Pretty soon, we’re pre-emptively invading Iran and the good times are rolling all over again.

Michelle Cottle at TNR adds her thoughts here

We’ll recall that one of the valid and biting arguments against George W Bush running for the presidency was that he was a mental lightweight and that the addition of Dick Cheney to the ticket (Cheney was in charge of choosing a VP and chose himself) added “gravitas”.  This notion was all the rage in punditry at the time.  And (with the help of the Supreme Court) it worked.  An immature, ex-alcoholic, anti-intellectual with a C average gained the position of President and did the posturing while Cheney pretty much ran the show.

We might be looking at a reprise.

Update: Scott Horton has more on “Keep America Terrified”

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