Netanyahu and Obama

There’s nothing unpredictable or unpredicted regarding Netanyahu’s continuation of settlement in occupied Palestine.  He’s never held any other position.  Does he wish to have an unsympathetic US administration pressuring him to adopt a different policy?  Of course not.

And that presents the interesting question of whether his administration and allies are working in cooperation with those in the US who have pretty much identical ideologies and goals to hobble and, ideally, defeat the Obama administration and replace it with another of the GWB sort.

It would be, I think, deeply naive to imagine this isn’t the case.  If I’m right, then what we’ll see will be strategies to embarrass and frustrate the Obama administration through attempting to make them look weak and ineffective in the realm of foreign affairs.

Continuing apace will be the domestic strategy of trying to pull the Jewish vote away from its traditional home with Dems and move it to the RNC through exploiting fear and hatred.

Where it stands now


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