Mary Shelley’s Palinstein update

As noted below, the thesis here is that powerful sector of the Republican propaganda and strategy machine is working on a Sarah Palin product roll-out for 2012 or 2016.

Step 1) get her out of all public interactions where she might open her mouth
Step 2) have a pro write her Facebook entries thus keeping her ignorance and silliness hidden away while presenting her as thoughtful, knowledgeable and with (as Limbaugh now claims) “intellectual heft”.
Step 4) set her up for high-profile, high-status appearances where she will deliver scripted speeches (written by others) while continuing ‘step 1’ through definitely not allowing her to be interviewed in any meaningful way or venue
Step 5) regularly place her name, using the existing Republican propaganda apparatus, in context with other Republican leaders

Here’s an example of Step 5 from today’s Weekly Standard:

Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, and the Boss [that’s Bill Kristol] Support Obama!

They may actually not be this stupid but they certainly are this Machiavellian.  Power, gaining and maintaining, is the over-riding agenda and value.  It may be the case that they’ve concluded she will be unlikely to actually gain the presidency but they understand she has value as a propaganda tool.

In either case, it’s a pretty fine example of how completely morally bankrupt the modern Republicans and conservative movement has become.  They would have gone with Joe the Plumber if they concluded that would work.

Update: AP tells us today that Palin resignation costs Alaska at least $40,000

But what the heck.   A higher morality is at work here.

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