Quote of the day – “We love euphemisms” category

Curiously, there is a reference to the American cold war past in the CIA report. After Vietnam, it said, US interest in interrogation faded, only to re-emerge with US intervention in Central America as a way to “foster foreign liaison relationships” – presumably with the anti-communist governments such as El Salvador and Guatemala. But in the mid-1980s, after two CIA officers were investigated for killing a detainee – in a country blacked out in the report – the agency said it ended its so-called “human resource exploitation” programme.


Ya gotta love it.  Torture = human resource exploitation.  Let’s try another.   Violent rape of children = facilitated inter-age maturation assistance.

And read the whole piece to find out which individuals involved in the torture stuff are now making the big bucks in the military/industrial complex.


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