Frank Luntz, George Orwell and reverse-ethnic cleansing – a propaganda primer

So, 1) Israel occupies Palestinian land.

2) as that occupation is tenuous, Jewish settlements are built on the Palestinian land which makes extrication much more complicated (think Ireland and Protestant settlement)

3) as an obvious consequence, Palestinians are driven from their own land

4) world sentiment, UN resolutions, prior agreements between Israel and the US, and the Obama administration put constant pressure on Israel to stop new settlements and find a solution to those previously made on Palestinian land.

5) Frank Luntz (Republican marketer and strategist for hire) is hired by pro-Likud groups (or by Likud or both) to handle the PR problem in all of this.

6) Luntz devises a strategy where this pressure on Israel to cease new settlements on Palestinian land and to return prior land to displaced Palestinians will henceforth be described as ethnic cleansing of Jews and as anti-semitism.

7) various pro-Likud groups and supportive politicians in the US are instructed to sing the same song.

Read it here


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