Two cases, unalike

In 2004, MoveOn initiated a contest where anyone could create an ad voicing opposition to Bush.  One of these many submissions included an analogy of Bush to Hitler (it didn’t win the contest nor was it endorsed by MoveOn).  What followed was a broad and sustained attack on MoveOn that lasted a week or more.  It wasn’t only the right which joined in this attack on MoveOn but the mainstream press as well.

Last week, both Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, each of whom have devoted audiences of millions, explicitly and repeatedly compared Obama and Nancy Pelosi to Hitler and Dems to Nazis.  What was the reaction in this case?

Read HERE and you’ll see a paradigmatic example of how the mainstream media continues to function as an effective pawn of rightwing media manipulators and rightwing interests. The difference is stark and it is telling. Note the updates as well, but note the differences in quality and in magnitude.

Josh Marshall at TPM has observed that Washington remained “wired for Republicans”. That is true not merely in terms of lobbying interests and the Washington institutions which have been developed since the early seventies but probably more importantly as regards the effective domination of media content.


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