Obama and failure

I’ve written about this elsewhere but I thought I ought to put it down briefly here as well.

There is, you’ll know this if you follow the rightwing media, a concerted effort to create the narrative that “Obama is failing”.  A variation of this began even before he was sworn in, of course, with Limbaugh openly stating that he wanted Obama to fail.  He was merely stating openly what the conservative movement broadly was wishing at the time and merely because if Obama was to be successful in instituting progressive policies that would almost certainly mean minority status for a relatively long period of time for Republicans and a serious blow to the conservative movement.

From this perception has also arisen the broad and ubiquitous effort to obstruct Obama legislatively.  Obviously, this constitutes a bald struggle for power and the good of citizens or the good of the system plays no part in the equation (except where conservative ideology is so firmly and unreflectively in place that it is believe, axiomatically, that anything but a certain version of conservatism must inevitably lead to an unhappy civic situation).

In tandem with this legislative strategy of obstruction is a propaganda strategy which has as its goal the forwarding (and hopefully, broad public acceptance of) a narrative which suggests Obama is/has/will fail as a leader.  This notion is absolutely everywhere across the rightwing media presently and has been all along.  It’s being pumped now with great zest and vigor.

Why?  The final goal of all these efforts is simply to have enough of the electorate believe that Obama’s progressive policies have failed to make life better for citizens such that he (and Dems) suffer defeats in subsequent elections.  In order to get to that goal, there has to be a progression towards it in place and building.  And that’s the simple reason why this narrative is being pushed presently.

Here, as a very typical example, is a subhead to a Michael Novak piece today at NRO…

After six months in the Oval Office, Pres. Barack Obama is failing on multiple fronts.


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