A study in “Profile”

OK, so in sum, SC governor Mark Sanford, a self-professed family values Republican has been using taxpayer dollars to flit about and hump a lady not his wife.  He’s been doing it for years.  He is recently absent from his home and office and even his wife says she doesn’t know where he is (he’s in Argentina, humping).  He lies about it all until realizing he’s been busted by the press.  He fesses up (but with a bunch of lies to make it seem less than what it is).  Then he admits he’s been doing sex stuff (but not so far as humping) with perhaps a half dozen other women too.  Then he says there’s no reason to resign because David humped Bathsheba and he didn’t resign (David also had the husband murdered for which he didn’t resign either giving Sanford biblical license for at least one murder while still retaining his position).  And I suppose we ought to note that where other politicians had adulterous relationships, Sanford had insisted that they resign their offices.  And I suppose, also, we can note his comment two days ago that this other woman is his soul-mate but he’s trying to re-kindle his marriage.  That oughta get the project going well.

Today, we find an ally of his declaring that if Sanford gets pushed too much from other Republicans, then…

Honestly, I think he could go down in the ugliest, messiest way

And, the ally added that he would be…

shocked if [the governor] quite because it doesn’t fit his profile

That’s some kind of “profile” we have here.

story here

Update:  captured remarkably well here


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