Today’s quote – “Joe the Plumber talks with God (let’s listen in)” category

Joe the Plumber on whether he has plans to run for public office…

“I hope not. You know, I talked to God about that and he was like, ‘No.’”


2 responses to “Today’s quote – “Joe the Plumber talks with God (let’s listen in)” category

  1. George C Williamson

    Big problem with Joe the “Plumber” (I think that alludes more to Nixon’s Plumbers than real pipe fitting plumbers) thinking he’s Joan of Arc. He’d look absolutely terrible in drag (perish the thought) and it just might expedite his being committed to an institution. This is the kind of nut case the Republican party is latching itself to — more of the lunatic fringe of politics.

    • Hi george
      My thesis here is that the Republicans/conservatives have taken a powerful and effective lesson from marketing research regarding how the human mind responds to anecodte, narrative and the symbolic. Thus their reliance on presentations of characters like Palin or Joe (and Bush and Reagan, of course) and stories like those told regarding Tillman and Jessica Lynch. Utterly cynical, yes. In the service of maintaining power and wealth in the hands of those who have it and don’t want to lose it to others, yes. Real allegiance to the touted values of ‘democracy’? No, that’s missing.

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