Haley Barbour – Today’s lying liar and another typical media failure

Barbour is clearly weighing a run for the Presidency. Tim Pawlenty likewise (who has a looming problem as governor of Minnesota where, given the expected Minn Supreme Court decision on Frankin/Coleman, he will either have to certify Frankin or refuse to and send that case on to the federal SC, either way making powerful enemies). On the matter of Mark Sanford and Ensign (family values conservatives who just got busted for humping women other than their christian helpmeets), Pawlenty has described the two, accurately, as “hypocritical”. Haley Barbour, on the other hand, refused to make a moral or ethical indictment against Sanford saying,

“I just don’t talk about people’s personal problems. I don’t think it’s appropriate, I don’t think it’s polite, and I don’t think it achieves any purpose,”

Right.  A man of admirable principle.  But as Kos notes (with video footage), in 98 Barbour’s principles pointed in a quite different direction.

And now we have this president who treated Monica Lewinsky in such a way that it makes prostitution look dignified and ennobling. I mean, he made her a sex toy, a sex object. And now what do these women say? That it doesn’t make any difference?
The American people hear that with a voice louder than a bolt of lightning and thunder when these same people never say one word about the way that this young woman was treated, when they’ve spent their whole careers complaining about it when it was the president of a company or a Republican Senator or a possible judge? The public sees through that like nothing you ever saw.

Journalism as stenography.  I mean, for fuck sakes.  Do some research prior to your show.


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