Quote of the day – “Decorative floats in the Adulterer-Pride parade” category

Whenever the latest Republican politician is caught with his zipper undone, a predictable moment of introspection on the right inevitably ensues. Pundits, bloggers and perplexed citizens ruminate over the lessons they have learned, again and again, about human frailty, false piety and the temptations of flesh and power. They express concern for the damaged family and lament the fall of yet another promising young hypocrite. They resolve to restore the purity of their movement and always remember to remind us that this is all Bill Clinton’s fault. What they never do is face up to an increasingly embarrassing fact about themselves and their leaders.

They’re really just liberals in right-wing drag.

Joe Conason


4 responses to “Quote of the day – “Decorative floats in the Adulterer-Pride parade” category

  1. Thanks Bernie. I noticed one of your post references Andrew Sullivan. Currently reading the Conservative Soul. For a self-identified liberal, I’m hopeful that when the pendulum inevitably swings back to the Republicans, they will have re-fashioned themselves more like Sullivan’s description of conservatism.

  2. I don’t agree with Sullivan on a few key issues but that’s fine. Where we do agree seems to me to be on the important stuff…that is, how we get to policy preferences and to our political philosophies. He’s a good guy and obviously very bright.

    Sullivan’s conservatism values rationalism and honesty and rejects the unreflective premises of American exceptionalism which permeate the modern conservative movement (and which give corporate America’s justification for imperialist enterprises augmented by America’s militarist supporting role in that imperialism). It will be no small task rebuilding conservatism into something like what Sullivan (and you and I) wishes it to be but the alternatives do not look very pretty.

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