Michael Gerson’s internal battles

Gerson, ex speech writer for George W Bush is clearly a man of principles. He defines himself primarily in this manner and who am I to question him on such a personal issue?

But that’s a star-high goal for someone who worked and works within a movement which has been utterly unprincipled in its quest to re-establish a principled America.

Take  today’s column. Gerson voices a hearty and soul-felt celebration of Obama’s total rejection of holocaust denial, even if Gerson was ‘surprised’  that Obama spoke in this manner while in Cairo.  But, as always and as is always totally predictable, he tosses in a covert little jab at “Obama worship” and then he ends the piece as follows:

But the pervasiveness of Holocaust denial also points to a flaw in Obama’s rhetorical and diplomatic approach. Perhaps one side of these debates is motivated not only by grievances but also by hatreds. Perhaps those hatreds are unappeasable by concessions from Israel or the West. Perhaps the assumption of rationality and splittable differences, in some cases, is mistaken. Perhaps some don’t merely wish to deny the Holocaust but to finish it.

Noble man, that Obama.  Except for his facilitation of the return of the ovens and zykon b.


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