White voters give me goosebumps

From Nate Silver

GOP Has Always Been Dominated by White Voters

Gallup has data out suggesting that 89 percent of self-identified Republicans are white; the comparable figure among Democrats is 65 percent. These numbers closely match those from last November’s Presidential election, when 89 percent of John McCain’s voters were white as were 60 percent of Barack Obama’s, according to exit polls.

This, however, is not exactly anything new. 88 percent of George W. Bush’s voters in 2004, and 91 percent of them in 2000, were white. And nearly 98 percent of Ronald Reagan’s voters in 1980 were white as were 96 percent of Gerald Ford’s in 1976. The GOP is, in fact, slightly less white than it once was, as they do relatively better among Hispanics and Asians than among blacks (if still not particularly well), and Hispanics and Asians are starting to make up a larger fraction of the nonwhite (and overall) voting pool.

Which brings us, straight as an arrow, to Pat and Tom’s favorite song from Hair, their favorite American musical…


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