Why does a bully bully?

Because he has to win.

I just posted a comment over at Greg Sargent’s Plumline blog at the Washington Post which followed from a belated epiphany as to why Rove, Cheney, Gingrich, the Congressional Republicans and the Limbaugh/talk radio crowd are all behaving as we see them presently.  I’ll add it here as well.

The thought just occurred to me (I’m a tad slow at times) that the smarter conservatives/Republicans understand that if they continue to fail in the next election (at the federal level most acutely) then that will present a serious increase in inertia not in their favor. And if in the following presidential race they fail as well, then recovery begins to look almost unimaginably difficult (other than in a relatively extended time period).
I suspect that a big part of how frightening this possibility looms for them has to do with their evident belief or appreciation of the consequences of appearing (or being thought to be) either the “winner” or the “loser”. There’s a reason that this crowd never (damn near an absolute here) admits wrong doing or wrong policies or failure or being bested. We see it in their foreign policy and in their domestic policy and in their politics. To be a “loser” is the worst possible sin and to be a “winner” is not merely a positive thing, it is a NECESSARY thing.
If I have this right (I do) then the present behavior of these people becomes much more understandable.


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