“Stop ObamaCare”

That’s the title of a piece at today’s Weekly Standard. It follows the piece by Fred Barnes I noted earlier and the Kristol column just pointed to, and the most recent GOP strategic memo by Frank Luntz and, of course, the famous memo written by Kristol in 93 wherein he argued that conservatives had to do everything they could to obstruct Clinton’s health care reforms because of the injury to conservative/Republican electoral chances that would result if people actually got to enjoy the sort of medical delivery and insurance systems found in every other western country except the US. As I’ve noted earlier, there’s a very good reason that none of these countries has legislatively turned back their medical programs…the people in those counties simply won’t allow it.

This is all about obstruction.  These strategies noted in the cases above have a singular goal – to impede and denigrate the Obama administration so as to (hopefully) have it fail or at least to give the impression it is failing or dangerous so as to increase GOP electoral chances up the road.

Great group of citizens, aren’t they?


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