“Party of No”? Fred Barnes thinks it’s a peachy idea (“it’s the route to Republican landslides”)

Improving the party’s image is a worthy cause, but it isn’t what Republicans ought to be emphasizing right now. They have a more important mission: to be the party of no. And not just a party that bucks Obama and Democrats on easy issues like releasing Gitmo terrorists in this country, but one committed to aggressive, attention-grabbing opposition to the entire Obama agenda.
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Not surprising, of course, given that his boss (Bill Kristol) has been saying the same thing since 1993 when he argued in a now-famous memo that if Clinton was successful in reforming medicare then the consequence would be an electoral wilderness for the GOP.  Never mind the sick and uninsured…party success is all that is deemed important by these rather non-empathetic people.


2 responses to ““Party of No”? Fred Barnes thinks it’s a peachy idea (“it’s the route to Republican landslides”)

  1. The party of “NO” huh? Well give no quarter and no quarter is given. I am an old time conservative democrat, but guess what there just isn’t any such thing any more. Democratic Party used to party of decency, civil rights, for America working and America growing. Instead of the Party of the People it is now the Peoples Party. Fuzzy headed liberal collectivist egalitarian citizens of the world moonbattery. There used to be a liberal and conservative branch in each party. Now we have so called conservatives in the RNC and far left wingers only in the DNC (No blue dog dems don’t really count). What we need is to rebalance both parties. We need to have people save more and return to manufacturing and buying American goods and services. Don’t buy from larges scale producers and distrubutors. Buy all goods and services local. Get the dems and GOP to rebalance fair trade and to have the Red Chinese stop dumping crap on our consumers. If a country does not have fair trade with us it’s tarrif time! Get dems and GOP to undersand that we need to retool and reemploy Amreicans. We need imagration reform and it should be a fair and enforcable law. Then after we get some money in the coffers the dems can play at creating the Great Society again!

  2. Red Green

    I’ve responded to you in the other contribution you made here earlier. I’m not sure what I might add. My recommendation is that you bite the bullet and take some courses (at a local college or online) in American history and basic political science.

    To take such a step, you’ll first have to admit to yourself that there’s a need for disciplined study because you don’t (though it would be comfortable to assume it) really know enough at this point.

    I’m rootin’ for ya.

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