Gone for two days

While I’m away, read all of Orwell’s books and essays and I’ll randomly pick one to test you on when I return. This exam will account for 90% of your final grade. Punctuation and spelling unimportant. Bonus points on the essay questions for the graceful use of sea imagery and for gratuitous slanders of the pope. Good reading and good luck.


2 responses to “Gone for two days

  1. Bernie,
    Hope you had a great time in the wherever yoiu bloody were. I missed passing time with you at Jane’s ballyhoo tonight (I hope this is not open to prying eyes of the POWERS THAT BE!). See you soon, Bro!

  2. Hi Scott…nice to have you pop by (here and here)

    I drove down to San Diego to pick up my daughter who was visiting two old school chums (she did grades 11 and 12 in LA). On the return, we stopped briefly in UC Santa Barbara to visit with the boy she loves bestest. Great fellow, currently doing his PhD in linguistics.

    Did the trip in two consecutive days but not likely to do that again. 17 hours either way. At about 300 miles from home, the hallucinations began. But had to get back last night as a dental emergency came up that morning and she’s flying up to Dawson City in the Yukon tomorrow where there’s no dentist.

    Still, a great trip. I love driving, love California, and have a modest affinity for my only child.

    Sorry I missed yakking with you two…always a guaranteed pleasure.

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