The Weekly Standard finds a drop of dew and declares the long drought over

The Tide, She’s a-Turnin’, Starting With The Alexandria City Council

Take heart, Republicans! I have good news to deliver from the deepest blue part of purple Virginia. Alexandria City elected one Republican and one Republican-leaning Independent to its City Council yesterday, knocking off two Democratic incumbents. Frank Fannon IV, a mortgage banker, and Alicia Hughes, a federal government employee required to run as an Indy by the Hatch Act, will add two right-of-center voices to a body owned by Democrats since 2003.

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Movement hopefuls had been really rooting for Tedisco to beat Murphy in NY so they could find cause to imagine all the polls and demographic clues and the last two elections a temporary blip in Republican electoral dominance.  But then tragedy struck.  There’d been Frankin and Coleman earlier too, of course, but they came to understand, reluctantly, belatedly,  that there was nothing but darkness in that corner.  And people keep loving Obama no matter what the Weekly Standard tries to tell them about why they shouldn’t.  So if you see a  city council election anywhere between Canada and swinefluland, it’s time to bring out the rusting trumpets.


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