Rightwing radio’s Michael Savage – banned from entry to Britain

Savage (real last name is Weiner) is one of the most extreme and ugly of his breed (see wikipedia) and Britain has just acknowledged that it has banned his entry to Britain along with 15 other various anti-Semites, racists and others of the sort deemed likely to foment hatred.  He’s not happy which makes me completely delighted.

Guardian UK story here


7 responses to “Rightwing radio’s Michael Savage – banned from entry to Britain

  1. This makes you happy?? Why is that??

  2. Well, as an analogy, let’s imagine that someone who has a history of promoting hatred or ill-will against some category of fellow humans (women, say, or Jews or Gypsies or the Irish etc) was to slip on a banana peel while en route to a “jewish women of color aren’t real Americans” rally, my personal response would be some significant degree of delight.

    Does that help?

  3. You know that Savage grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home?
    I dont see Savage as being anti-semitic. I know he does not like Muslims. He is dissenting as patriotic Americans do when they are unhappy with govt. The liberal/democrats did it for 8 years, so what comes around goes around. OR, I guess not in the case of right wingers. I have heard it said more times than not, that the right wing needs to be ‘silenced forever’
    This is what Hitler said as well. The right wing is not in power- actually not for 2 1/2 years now in the congress which made Bush a lame duck.
    Gas was $1.73 on 1/18, and today it is $2.89 in NY, and congress says ZERO.

    • Yes, I did know that. And if you take a look at what was said above, I didn’t make any claim Savage is anti-Semitic. I said that he is ‘one of the most extreme and ugly’ of the current crop of rightwing radio personalities and that he ‘promotes hatred’. Bernie Goldberg agrees, describing Savage as “right in there with the angriest haters on the left”. You say Savage doesn’t like Muslims. I suppose that would be evident in his call to have them all deported. Or perhaps you are applauding this statement from him about Muslims…

      “…I said so kill 100 million of them, then there would be 900 million of them. I mean would you rather us die than them? I mean what is it gonna take for you people to wake up? Would you rather we disappear or we die? Or would you rather they disappear and they die? Because you’re gonna have to make that choice sooner rather than later.”

      I suppose that could qualify as an example of racism and bigotry, you know, if one were unpatriotic and applied the dictionary definitions of those terms. The boys and girls over at Stormfront are big fans of Savage too, so know you are in fine company.

      But let’s just take a few more quotes from your “patriotic American” dissenting.

      The children’s minds are being raped by the homosexual mafia, that’s my position

      I want to puke when I hear about a woman married to a woman raising children

      Or there’s his frequent reference to “Turd World countries”. Serious wordsmith, don’t you think? I mean, it has funny, bigotry and shit all in one efficient little phrase.

  4. I dont like Savage now, b/c he talks about his DOG lol

  5. I dont think Savage is a racist. I believe that white people now are the brunt of RACISM, to the max.
    Savage is very patriotic, and having patriotism in America now is ‘un-popular’ Following the govt now IS the ‘popular’ thing.
    I am glad that Savage is at least out there taking up for little people like me that are just right wingers thatr have no life, except on a BLOG 🙂

    • Not racist? Well, let’s just change one little word in Savage’s comment noted above…

      “I said so kill 100 million Jews, then there would be 900 million of them. I mean would you rather us die than them? ”

      How would you describe that statement? Merely common sense? An example of virtuous patriotism and defense of the Fatherland?

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