Tedisco loses to Murphy

The very close NY race where Repubican Tedisco faced Democrat Murphy (to fill the seat left vacant Gillibrand) was settled yesterday when Tedisco conceded.

As I noted earlier, the Republicans had dearly wanted to win this race so that they could forward the notion that the electoral tide had turned. The PR theme – “This is a referendum on Obama, on Dem control of the houses and on Dem/liberal policy”. That was the hope.

But it didn’t work out for them and the opposite message or idea has been strengthened – that the Republican Party continues to look like a deeply unpopular and bumbling loser outside of its base (all made more painful with the trajectory of the Coleman/Franken Senate race in Minnesota). Underlining that message wasn’t what they wanted and the rightwing’s silence on this election result is a predictable consequence.

It would be a fine thing if this further blow set the party to some deeper self-reflection of how their recent past has determined the present situation but there is still scant evidence that they’ll be capable of adequate reflection and of surmounting the cognitive dissonance that necessarily attends.


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