A question we find we are repeating to ourselves these days with head-shaking frequency is “How do people this stupid get elected to office?!”

Joe Barton, Republican from Texas, earlier in the week proudly figured he’d stumped Nobel physicist Steven Chu on a question related to the geologic origins of oil while demonstrating his own boggling stupidhood on the simple matter of plate tectonics.

Friday, the same fellow demonstrated that he doesn’t have a conception of metaphor.  But, heck, it’s so danged complex, of course.

On Friday, Barton was back at it, challenging former Vice President Al Gore, who appeared at a House subcommittee hearing to discuss legislation intended to help slow the progress of warming. And in the process, he showed that he’s not exactly a whiz when it comes to understanding metaphors either.

Responding to comments and a question from the congressman, Gore said, “I believe that it’s important to look at the sources of the science that we rely on. With all due respect, I believe that you have relied on people you have trusted, who have given you bad information. I don’t blame the investors who trusted Bernie Madoff. But he gave them bad information and…”

It was at this point that Barton cut Gore off to interject, “I’ve never talked to Bernie Madoff.”

Here, and yes, I’m scared too


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