Reporting from Washington — Approaching his 100th day in the White House at a time of economic turmoil, President Obama holds the approval of nearly two-thirds of Americans surveyed for the job that he is performing ā€“ and seven in 10 say they like Obama, the man.

Most say they approve of the president’s overall handling of the economy, while the effects of his policies remain uncertain.

Obama’s job approval as president stands at 63% in a poll released this morning by the Washington-based Pew Research Center ā€“ with just 26% saying they disapprove of the way he is handling his job.

The president draws a similar rating, 64%, in a new poll conducted by the Associated Press and GfK Roper Public Affairs and Media. That survey also finds, for the first time in five years, more Americans saying the nation is headed in the right direction than those who say it is not.

The president’s job approval also stands at 64% in the latest Gallup Poll daily tracking survey.

In a reversal of the way that voters traditionally view leaders of the two major political parties, the Democratic president draws better ratings in the Pew survey for his handling of foreign policy and terrorism than for his handling of domestic issues, such as health care, taxes or the budget deficit.

Nevertheless, 60% of those surveyed by Pew say they approve of Obama’s overall handling of the economy.

LA Times story here


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