Avalanche of stoopid

What is going on today?

Republican John Shimkus describes the bill to cap CO2 in the following manner…

I think this is the largest assault on democracy and freedom in this country that I’ve ever experienced. I’ve lived through some tough times in Congress — impeachment, two wars, terrorist attacks. I fear this more than all of the above activities that have happened.

But perhaps it’s not anything about today.  Earlier, Shimkus “argued that carbone dioxide is just ‘plant food’ and that God will prevent global warming.” (though it’s not immediately clear to me why God would put the kibosh on GW while allowing another terrorist attack on America)

Here he is. Mensa material, this boy.


2 responses to “Avalanche of stoopid

  1. I am so tired of hearing that every single action put forth by the Obama administration is “an assault on democracy and freedom”. If the administration proposed free ice cream cones at 4:00 pm every other Thursday, that too would be an assault on democracy and freedom.

    Does this guy really not understand the concept of perspective and at least pacing yourself on your overzealous and totally inappropriate rhetoric? What’s he going to say when something really terrible does happen? He’s already blown his doom and gloom wad.

  2. hi Lulu

    Depressing, isn’t it? Hard to find a silver lining. Either this man is this head-shakingly stupid or he believes citizens who hear him are this stupid. Or both, of course.

    If there is any positive in all of this, it’s that this fringe element has become as rabid as we’re presently witnessing because of the threat they face of further decimation politically.

    John Dewey thought that our hopes for universal education might be a tad romantic. We can put a check-mark in that box now, apparently.

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