Traitors! Traitors to their….species!

Apparently dissatisfied with the poor results from recent attacks on the left’s patriotism – so clearly evident in their reluctance to grant America redemption from all sins and critical thought based on nationalist exceptionalism, now the wonderful folks at NRO have decided to try something else…the National Review

Over the last few hundred years in the West, the moral foundations of society were profoundly pro-human. Judeo-Christian moral philosophy and secular humanism both promoted human flourishing and the protection of individual rights as primary purposes of society. But in recent years we have witnessed a rebellion against “human exceptionalism”

As Tomasky noted in the earlier post below, and as numerous others who’ve studied the conservative movement for some decades now have also noted, the present set of circumstances (long term and systematic marginalization of moderates, demographic changes, an extremely popular Dem president, basement polling numbers for Republicans in congress, the past eight years, etc) have led the movement voices to a level of extremist nuttiness that’s breathtaking.

Because the dynamics above have left them with no alternative (presently visible to them) other than doubling down on the more extremist elements of ideology, rhetoric and political strategy. “This will define us as different”, they repeat, hopefully, to each other. “And it worked before. Remember the good old days!”

And that is how they have become a parody of themselves.


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