The un-bright Kathleen Parker

In her today’s Washington Post column, Kathleen Parker protests fair housing radio ads:

Racial and ethnic diversity is the key to happiness, success in the global marketplace and, not least, an interesting life.

So we are told in a batch of new “fair housing” radio ads that are the sort of treacly propaganda that cause sober drivers to run off the road.

Presented as a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, the ads were produced by theNational Fair Housing Alliance, a private, nonprofit group whose stated purpose is to make sure the act is properly implemented. The act bans housing discrimination and imposes stiff penalties for those who get caught.

A bit further on, she gets where she wants to get — the comfortable realm of thought-terminating cliches:

That not all people have access to all the same housing opportunities is called life in a free-market society. But the fair-housing folks want life to be more fair, and the ads are warming us up for some really fun social engineering.

I actually verge on a headache, reading something this obtuse.  What, if not “social engineering”, does this lady conceive the Magna Carta to be?  The Bill of Rights?  The Constitution?  Every stop sign and red light she encounters in a day?  Laws against theft and rape?  Every bill and inititative forwarded by every elected representative?  Every advisory missive from the Vatican?  Every broadcast by Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin?  Indeed, every column she herself writes?

This is just embarrassingly dull and uncareful.


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