Today’s quote – “Indeed” category

From the enviably bright and dependable Josh Marshall.

The Coleman/Franken contest, after a five month court proceeding which Coleman lost is now almost certain to head to the state supreme court on appeal by Coleman.  However, polling of the state electorate shows serious unhappiness with Coleman for holding up the sitting of the state’s second Senate seat.  Here and there in the Republican party, voices are turning and telling Coleman to give up the ghost but others (more others) are recommending he continue – not that there’s any real chance of suceeding but to obstruct the sitting of another Dem in the Senate, thus obstructing Obama.

Now that even most of the Republicans without a cash interest in seeing him stay in the race are telling Norm Coleman it’s time to pack it in, we’re seeing the first round of rationalization and ass-covering over what went wrong. And the winning argument seems to be that Coleman didn’t spin hard enough.

As one GOP operative told The Hill, “They allowed the legal proceedings to define the media environment.”

In many ways, that statement might serve as a fitting coda for the Bush Era: insufficient bamboozlement allowed reality to hold the day.



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