Fox as seen by the Brits

This is brilliant.  Hat tip to the always dependable Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic.


4 responses to “Fox as seen by the Brits

  1. As Homer would say, “It’s funny…cause it’s true.”

  2. Hi joan

    It is but troubling as well. Fox and talk radio (and what’s left of the Republican party in office) along with party opinion-makers has decided to move even further right. The 25% or so who make up the conservative movement base are happy to move as well as it matches their pathology. The likelihood of ugly shit falling out from this is disconcerting and there are already several cases now where such rhetoric has been at least partially causal in killings. I expect more of that.

  3. Scary. I’ve almost stopped watching the news, and I’ve long since cancelled our shitty newspaper. Online info is all I get these days, where I seem to delve deeply into tiny aspects of life and remain blissfully unaware of others. Part of computer/internet addiction and a changing world I guess.

    • I’m entirely sympathetic to those who decide to turn off their tv and use their unread newspaper in the parrot cage. One could make a compelling argument that I might be better off spending my time doing miniature paintings on toenail clippings.

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