This got me crying

Introduced by Andrew Sullivan as follows:

There is, mercifully, more to humanity than Cheney’s sadism and panic. From Antwerp’s rail station, take it away, Julie Andrews!

Once again, thank you Andrew.


3 responses to “This got me crying

  1. I needed that! Thanks

  2. fun, I liked all of those travellers on the sidelines who gradually succumbed and started swaying. and that song, well, ya, I remember when that one was in full flight.

  3. Hey brent
    If you noted the formations of people at the end, it becomes apparent that something like 70% of the people in the train station were part of the performance piece. There’s only a thin perimeter of observers. It was wonderfully planned and choreographed and, obviously, well rehearsed. One thing I really loved was the inclusion of all age groups. What got me crying was the contrast Sullivan pointed to between the pathological behavior of people like Cheney and such a life affirming project that this video demonstrated.

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