Coleman blues get bluer

Minn. Judges Deal Blow To Coleman

A three-judge state panel in Minnesota dealt Norm Coleman (R) a serious setback in his bid for reelection to the Senate, ruling yesterday that only 400 absentee ballots in his contest against entertainer Al Franken (D) may be reviewed and possibly counted.

Franken leads Coleman by 225 votes, and the lead attorney for Coleman said that the number of ballots being recounted would make it a “long shot” for his client to make up the necessary ground.

Story here

But we’ve known for a while now that this result was likely coming and that the Coleman campaign would move to appeal.  The RNC wishes to keep Franken from sitting for as long as possible because of the effect on vote count in the Senate and the change it will make to fillibusters.  As Republican Cornyn said a couple of days ago, “It could take years” to sit Franken.

Politics for power, not for constituents.


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