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John Bolton, President Bush’s nominee to be ambassador to the United Nations, has been described as dogmatic, abusive to his subordinates and a bully. Yet Mr. Bush has said that John Bolton is the right man at the right time. Can these seemingly contradictory statements both be accurate? Yes. The reality is that sometimes the characteristics that make someone successful in business or government can render them unpleasant personally. What’s more astonishing is that those characteristics when exaggerated are the same ones often found in criminals.

This is from a 2005 NYT Op Ed column by Brit psychologist Belinda Board, noted by Paul Rosenberg at Open Left.  His comment follows:

What’s more astonishing to me is how directly Board approaches the point of identifying Bolton–as well as large numbers of “high-ranking business executives” -as marked by personality disorders common among criminals, and then normalizes this rather shocking and appalling state of affairs.  Board’s attitude seems remarkable consonant with Obama’s casual dismissal of massive and open war crimes as no big deal.  It represents a desire for the complete normalization of the abnormal, the abusive, the bizarre, and the criminal, just so long as it “works.”

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