And now, the problem of Wall Street socialists

Let us sympathize.

The right has an interesting set of propaganda problems with Obama.  The ‘family values’ cliches can’t be rolled out in any convincing manner because of the nature of Obama’s family and life.  Being tall, handsome, confident in bearing and african american whose favorite athletic pastime is basketball, he can’t be painted as an effete European sort of man (eg Kerry on windsurfer, skiing at Gdansk).  As a compelling and engaging and confident speaker, he’s difficult to portray as stodgy, cold, awkward and rehearsed (eg Gore).  Coming from Chicago and with the particularly unique circumstances of his upbringing, he doesn’t fit the mold of Washington insider (think how hard they had to work to try and paint Bush as something other than what he was…buy a ranch, lots of workshirts with sleeves pre-rolled up, etc).  And he has no real history of saying outlandish things that might embarrass him now.  One reason the right’s propaganda dealt so much with Ayers and Wright was that was about all they had to work with and most folks (as the election demonstrated) understood those matters and/or Obama’s relationship to them, peripheral and irrelevant.

And now, they’ve got this new propaganda problem.  It’s a tough row to hoe for the poor fellows and fellowesses.

On the one hand, they’re trying to forward the idea that the Obama administration represents radical socialism.  But on the other hand, they are also trying to forward the contradictory notion that the administration is too closely tied to the Wall Street financial elites.  Not much of a surprise that neither notion is getting any traction outside of that “contradictions don’t bother us” base.

Another aspect to each of those propaganda strategies above – by trying to convince people that such unconvincing ideas are true, the propagandists themselves get discredited for their rather blatant and serial dishonesty (an impression not diminished by the last eight years, of course).

As things sit, there’s not much imaginable that they are going to get any traction with.  They’ll keep trying, of course (as with the present attempts to paint Obama’s governance as slipshod, disorganized, confused and overwhelmed) but because it isn’t and that’s obvious any time Obama talks.  He’s popular and he’s trusted by sizable majorities whereas the propagandists on the other side are distrusted and unpopular to sizeable majorities.

No easy problem for the lying bastards.


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