“Obama is a poor communicator”

Or, Obama is “Boring”.  That was the Drudge headline immediately following the presser.  Similar notions have echoed through the rightwing media world.  Some more:

Jonah Goldberg– Longwinded and boring!

Andrew Malcolm– I slept through my college classes and last night was bored!

Rove, Hannity, and O’Reilly: The press conference was boring!

Hugh Hewitt– Snorefest!

As Dougj at Balloon Juice5 says:

It’s not an accident that so many righties settled on the “Obama is boring” meme this morning. The idea of attacking what is perceived to be Obama’s greatest strength—his ability as a communicator—has been brewing for a while. It’s what all the yammering about the teleprompter is about. It’s what all the hand-wringing about Obama’s jokes is about.

…”This is a classic Rovean technique – attacking your opponent where he’s strongest.”


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