Koppelman on O’Reilly

Describing Fox’s O’Reilly and Rove discussing Obama’s presser, Koppelman writes:

I did particularly enjoy one moment of the show, though — O’Reilly’s analysis of the reporters’ performance:

“What about the press? They sit there and they ask these questions and he just — bamboozles! I think back to my interview with him, which I enjoyed immensely and I thought he did very well. I was right — I was like a cougar, I was like right there, you know? And there was only six or seven inches between — and every time he started to get off on his tangent I go right in like this. Because he is professorial, that’s what he is. So it doesn’t matter if the press is there or not.”

This was even better onscreen, as he actually mimed himself getting ready to pounce, and then, right before he said “I go right in like this,” he actually clapped loudly to demonstrate the moment he struck. Now that’s reporting.


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