Daily Archives: Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today’s music

Advertised as the best guitar ever.  I’m not wanting to be choosing.  But, fuck, this is really good.  Sort of, strativarius V2.


Quote of the day

The human subjective self trying to understand the human subjective self is like a guded missle whose target is itself   – Thomas Nagel

I might be paraphrasing here but who doesn’t paraphraze? With, legally, an “s” or a “z”?


Just off to check youtube and I mistyped and wrote youtuber where I found amateur couples planting potatos.

Deep thought

One day, the pharmaceutical industry will fall upon the real treasure generator…a med which delivers what is promised, “You’ll get over it”.

Handles the whole shebang in one dosage taken monthly, by force by relatives, if necessary.

Update: It now occurs to me that, with a lower dosage, that same med could be successfully marketed and distributed, ethically, as it does live up to it’s PR campaign, and it would be sold and happily purchased as “Now, that might be an over-reaction, darling”.

A Shout Out

It dawned on me a while ago that I ought to have a category of post here which tips its hat, with effusion, to something of particular note and value.

So, just to get this going, I want to give a Shout Out tonight to all you fornicators and blasphemers out there.  I think you are doing a terrific job and I, for one, tip my hat.

Tonight’s eyes

Today’s quality snark

From Josh at TPM

Michael Steele just did an interview on CNN. And in addition to speculating about a possible future run for president, he seemed to say that his blow-up with Rush Limbaugh was actually a strategic decision to see, or rather smoke out, who would stand up and criticize him if he did something really stupid.

I guess he got his answer: a lot of people.