Just as a side note…

My last book, “The Pope – His Mother Should Have Eaten Him While His Bones Were Still Soft” is now remaindered. In this wintry economic climate, you might expect me to be despondent. Yet I am not. I am quite confident my upcoming book will do well, given the day and the age. It’s a self-help volume titled “Demon Wresting – Dos and Don’ts”.


2 responses to “Just as a side note…

  1. Say it ain’t so. I was looking forward to a whole series of books focusing on infanticide of imbeciles through maternal digestion. I found your blog after your comments someplace else where you mentioned your upcoming tome regarding Karl Rove and his mother.

  2. Hi lulu
    It’s a handy little device. You can just plunk in whichever name seems to match the occasion and the mood. Last evening, I was feeling all brusque and manly and felt like hunting the big game.

    For a series, you’ll want instead to turn to my books “Everything I Really Need To Know I Learned in Reform School”… “in clandestine ergot-processing laboratories”…”in Helga’s Dungeon”… etc.

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