Bill Kristol

Kristol’s reputation has not been well served by his year-long stint writing a column for the NY Times. His pieces were uniformly uninteresting in any way other than as a study of predictable and unimaginative notes from an apparatchik.  His is now a diminished profile for which we can all be thankful.

But in the isolated and mutually-reinforcing worlds of the Weekly Standard, National Review and Fox News, we expect him to keep doing what he does – propaganda for rightwing power elites in the US and Israel.  As such, we can predict much of what he’ll say in those venues.  Up top on that list of predictable things Kristol will continue doing is promoting war while continuing to promote it from the French Provincial chaisse lounge in his West End Manhattan digs.   Neo-Platonists send other people – less worthy people – out onto the battlefields.  “Weakness”, to Kristol and those like him, is that characteristic which is reluctant to use the lesser masses as pawns.

Thus, predictable to a probability of 100%, Kristol would describe Obama’s message to Iran as “weakness”.


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