There’ll always be an England

A brilliant video find from Andrew Sullivan.  Late fifties, early sixties film of Brit tommies who’ve been given LSD experimentally.  Lots of incapacitated giggling.  Will likely be more resonant with some viewers than with others (wave here to Garry, Brent, Vic et al)

Thanks for the upper, Andrew


2 responses to “There’ll always be an England

  1. the guy who climbed the tree to feed the birds was my favourite, if I might choose just one. But they were all good lads.

  2. Good lads, indeed. A twinge of concern for the one fellow who felt uncomfortable but it looked like clear sailing after that. I was fond of the commander as well who tried his honorable best then fell with his comrads, the wave rolling over him too.

    The thought occurred to me that I’d love to chat with the group of them for their remembrances of that afternoon.

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