Yet more on Chaz Freeman, Commentary and The American Conservative

E.D. Kain on Noah Pollack’s post in Commentary re the earlier noted piece from The American Conservative:

And that’s the point of Pollack’s rhetoric.  Just insert “Jew” wherever the word “Israel” pops up and you can basically call out your opponents and critics as anti-Semites without actually having to overtly state it – and sometimes insinuations are simply more powerful than outright statements. This is what the Commentary crowd does whenever pressed with legitimate criticism of Israel.  This is the neoconservative playbook on dissent management.  This tactic is tragic and foolish because it really is important to have a wide variety of voices and opinions on the Israel/Palestine debate.  Dissent from the status quo is necessary.  If we only have the gung-ho pro-Israel hawks debating with other gung-ho pro-Israel hawks then we don’t have a debate, we have an echo chamber.  If we only have the neocon talking points to reference when debating whether or not to bomb Iran – it should be telling that we’ve even gotten to that point – then we’re rarely given an opportunity to dig into the deeper historical truths of that nation.  And without history we have the Iraq invasion all over again.

h/t   Andrew Sullivan


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