Chaz Freeman, Michael Goldfarb and the Weekly Standard

John Cole at  Balloon Juice notes Michael Goldfarb’s smear of Walter Pincus through attempting to associate him with David Duke (founder Louisiana KKK, white supremicist and anti-Semite).  He quotes from Goldfarb’s Weekly Standard column:

Elsewhere, David Duke has now weighed in on Freeman’s claim that it was the “Israel Lobby”—or what Freeman’s now calling the “Avigdor Lieberman Lobby” in a media blitz that seems designed to maximize the embarrassment this has all caused at the White House—that scuttled the appointment:

Charles W. Freeman…was forced to withdraw from his appointment as head of the National Intelligence Council because extremist Zionists were afraid he would put the interests of America over those of Israel.

Makes you wonder why Pincus didn’t just go straight to Duke rather than risk having his quotes garbled in translation from the original Arabic.

Cole takes it apart and presents Goldfarb with a handy mirror:

Did you follow that? Walter Pincus, a respected Pulitzer winning journalist, wrote a story that upset the folks at the Weekly Standard, so the first thing that must be done is to destroy him. What better way to do it than to smear him with David Duke? Putting aside the fact that there actually apparently is an “Avigdor Lieberman Lobby,” as that piece of human detritus was just appointed Foreign Minister in an agreement with Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, what Goldfarb is doing is clear- he is attempting to smear Pincus and Freeman with the ugly racist and anti-Semite David Duke. All Pincus did was report what was going on in the middle east from a viewpoint outside the AIPAC bubble, and he had to be destroyed for it.

And no one at the Weekly Standard even blinked. It didn’t even faze them. This is how they do business- just last week Goldfarb was attempting to smear Charles Freeman with the taint of the “pedophile lobby.”

But this latest offensive smear of Pincus made me wonder. Below are two statements:

Statement One:

“Way back on Monday, Michelle Obama revealed that she felt no pride in her country prior to her husband becoming the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. Today she’s gone and done it again… And it strikes me that no candidate in history has benefited more from this country’s “uninvolved, uninformed” electorate than Barack Obama. Even his own supporters can’t name a single legislative achievement in the man’s record. If the American people had any idea how little Obama has done for his state and his country, they might have second thoughts. But they like his speeches, so they’ve gotten involved. They remain uninformed, and Michelle had better hope they stay that way.”

Statement Two:

“During the campaign, Mrs. Michelle Obama made a very revealing off-hand comment. The comment was so fundamental and natural to her sentiments that she couldn’t imagine that any negative response could come as a result of it… Let’s see. Michelle Obama was never proud of America when she read of the American Founding Fathers who heroically founded this nation and the wonderful rights and liberties they enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.She never had a moment of pride when she became aware that for the first time in history the footsteps of mankind were put on the surface of the moon, and that those incredible footsteps were made by Americans.

She has never felt pride in America for the thousands of scientific, technological and medical advancements that our people created and that she benefits from every day of her life.

There are thousands of things Michelle Obama could have felt pride in as an American, but she says she has never even once felt that pride until Barack found fame and fortune.”

Which one of those statements was from David Duke? And which one was from Michael Goldfarb?

And using the Michael Goldfarb standard for Walter Pincus and Charles Freeman, shouldn’t the Weekly Standard be a little bit embarrassed employing a hack who cribs from David Duke?

Finally, Cole adds an update beause there’s a pattern here:

Apparently the David Duke smear is a tried and true rhetorical strategy for these people.


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