As most everyone knows, Cheney was interviewed on CNN this weekend and, as expected, took zero responsibility for anything negative over the last eight years, denied there was much negative at all and what might be considered negative was the consequence of Clinton, Obama or chance (“stuff happens”).

There are now perhaps one million dead and many more maimed for live because of what this despicable human has wrought.

I have no interest in further detailing his propaganda and personal/social pathologies.  What he is responsible for is many magnitudes greater than someone who walks into a suburban school with guns and grenades and begins murdering whoever is inside.  My singular interest in Cheney now is to see him on trial for war crimes.

Mark Danner, writing in the NYRB, addresses the recent International Red Cross report on the torture of prisoners held by the US, on the authority and instructions developed by Cheney’s staff in Cheney’s office which you can read here


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