It’s closing time

From TPM

Big Day In Minnesota: Closing Arguments
Closing arguments in the Minnesota election trial are scheduled for today. Each side will have an hour at bat to make their final case to the judges. After that, the judges are expected to spend two to three weeks working on a determination of who has legally won the most votes, and is entitled to the certificate of election — a decision that is likely to be appealed.

Interesting to watch now as:
1) Franken looks likely to win
2) Republicans do NOT want Franken seated (less easy to filibuster in Senate votes)
3) the Coleman campaign just screwed up royally and posted financial data of past donors
4) fewer dollars coming in (donors don’t trust the campaign now) and appeals will be expensive
5) if Coleman loses this case, he also pays Franken’s costs
6) Franken’s lawyers can (and surely will) move to have the Coleman campaign put money up front for costs of appeals should he lose
7) all of which means really big bucks for Coleman real soon while his donor base got schmucked


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