Things don’t look good for Michael Steele

He does keep fucking up and folks on the right are probably getting weary from the embarrassment of it all.  They know they aren’t looking their best these days and so they choose a figurehead who registers close to Obama on a photographer’s light meter but it isn’t working out as planned.  There was the awkward ebonics and there was that weird “we’re beyond cutting edge” and then there was the unmanly grovel to Rush and, in the last day,  pro-choice? and Sinatra and the “Packrats”.  And then it didn’t help that Jindal, another ‘he-passes-the-light-meter-criterion’ face for the party, well, he goes and embarrasses them too.   One begins to wonder how long before they just decide to try a more honest back-to-conservative-values strategy and give the toss to Steele, replacing him with a face more truly representative, like an uncle of Ann Coulter.

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