Michael Steele does Zelig

David Kurtz at Talking Points Memo writes:

TPM Reader JC observes same thing I see:

I just wanted to pass along an observation. I think that with a lot of Michael Steele’s gaffes, he seems to say whatever he perceives to be the opinion of the person to whom he is speaking at the moment. Then later he has to backtrack because it doesn’t match the conservative orthodoxy. Take a look back at all the misstatements he has made and to whom he has made them. The man is a mirror. He just reflects back what he thinks you want him to say.

We’ve all met people like this (there’s some of this trait in all of us), but it’s a personality type that’s especially prevalent in political circles. Steele is a particularly hard-core example of the type, and while it’s fun to watch on a political level, on a personal level, I’ve started feeling sorry for the guy.


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