The personal and the political

Andrew Sullivan notes a judicial decision re the destroyed CIA interrogation tapes:

Exposing the Truth

A judge sides with the ACLU demanding the CIA produce an in camera review of all redacted documents relating to the destruction of evidence of torture. Just a simple question: why do you thnk the government destroyed tapes that show its allegedly non-torture of terror suspects? The same reason they were appalled when the Abu Ghraib photos leaked. If the public realized that Bush’s official policy was as bad as and even worse than what we saw at Abu Ghraib, he might have to face the fact of his war crimes.

There will be no argument from me here.  It seems something near a certainty that fear of indictment for war crimes was the motivation for secrecy, for the destruction of these tapes (and we could assume other evidence as well), for the legal maneuvering evident in the re-do on the torture memos, and for the dismay at the public release of Abu Ghraib photographs.

But I’d add that there was also a political motivation.  The Republican party and the conservative movement have been seriously damaged in public opinion because of the above.  That potential consequence would have been a foremost consideration of Rove’s political office and others attending to the same concerns.


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