The Republican quest for the Catholic vote

Catholics have traditionally voted Democrat.  Likewise, African Americans have as well.  A goal of the Republican “values” campaign over the last two decades or so has been not merely to motivate the evangelical community but to pull votes of those two other groups away from Dems and to the Republican party.  Abortion and gay issues were the two main wedges used to facilitate this effort.

There’s a very interesting interview of Deal Hudson, Bush’s Catholic outreach boy at  US News and World :

What party officials and professional Republicans don’t understand, with the exception of Karl Rove, is that these are voters who will walk away and they will cultivate their own garden until they have a leader who makes decisions based on principles and is willing to lose. They will walk away, and the Republicans will lose as a result. So it’s a bad tactical choice to leave this group of people dispirited.

…Republicans have to worry about Catholics. We know that evangelical voting habits are much more deeply engrained than Catholics’. And Catholics are potentially just as sizable a number of votes. I calculated that between 1996 and 2004, we brought in around 7 million Catholic voters to the Republican Party.

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h/t Andrew Sullivan

Update:  Newsmax informs us that there is a fundamentalist Catholic organization, Virginia-based Human Life International, is pushing to have Obama HHS appointee Kathleen Sebelius ex-communicated and they are calling Brownback a “turncoat”

I am not a politician, I am a priest. So I would like to give my priestly perspective about the recent endorsement of Senator Sam Brownback for the candidacy of Kathleen Sebelius for Secretary of Health and Human Services: Senator Brownback’s cowardly betrayal of his Catholic faith is even more damaging than his political permission for this renegade to take office.

The situation is atrocious. An extremist abortion hack (called the most pro-abortion governor in the nation by many), who falsely calls herself “Catholic,” is given the opportunity to preside over the nation’s healthcare system and normalize abortion even further; this radical is then endorsed by a US senator who also calls himself “Catholic” and who, many believe, wants her job back home when she becomes the abortion queen in DC.

I’d never heard of this organization before, so I took a peek in to their sites.   Pretty nutty, I have to say.  One link gets us to their page that “documents” acts of violence against pro-lifers by pro-choice advocates.  The stats look a tad…unbelievable.  They claim to have documented 8,519 acts of violence including 1,251 homicides “and other killings” (loonicides?) and other bad acts too.  They provide an interctive map so you can go to any state or Canadian province to get the “documents”.  So, I went to BC, my home province, and found the first entry for the city of Campbell River where, it happens, my sister-in-law has headed up administration for the hospital there for a decade.   I called her to check the information forwarded on the page.  Almost none of it is accurate including the claim that he was an abortionist…he was a GP who never did any abortions in 30 years of practice in Campbell River.   

Crazy people.  It’s possible, I suppose, that there is a parallel universe where people like this walk around with their hair on fire. 


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