Two House Resolutions recently introduced in the Oklahoma legislature express concern with teaching of evolution at the University of Oklahoma and oppose the invitation that has been extended to British biologist Richard Dawkins to speak on campus. HR 1014 and HR 1015 [] are similar in content and deal with both concerns. Here is a portion of HR 1014:

[T]he Oklahoma House of Representatives hereby expresses its disapproval of the current indoctrination of the Darwinian theory of evolution at the University of Oklahoma and further requests that an open, dignified, and fair discussion of this idea and all other ideas be engaged in on campus which is the approach that a public institution should be engaged in and which represents the desire and interest of the citizens of Oklahoma
…[T]he Oklahoma House of Representative strongly opposes the invitation to speak on the campus of the University of Oklahoma to
Richard Dawkins of Oxford University, whose published statements on the theory of evolution and opinion about those who do not believe in the theory are contrary and offensive to the views and opinions of most citizens of Oklahoma.

From Religion Clause (h/t Washington Monthly)


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