Military/industrial complex and Obama

One of the many big fights that Obama has or will soon have on his hands involves the huge dollars that move around in the America’s military and related industries.  There are a lot of vested interests, personal and corporate, who will push for the status quo and resist change that diminishes the good time previously had by all.  Dday at Hullabaloo has a relevant post on this today.

For more, see Chalmers Johnson at Tom Dispatch

Update:  McClatchy has a wonderful piece on government spending as it tends to be laid out by both US political parties.  For those of us who find funding spent on social programs rather more agreeable than funding towards the killing of other humans, the choice of who one might vote for becomes rather simple.

WASHINGTON — Strip away the political finger pointing over President Obama’s proposed budget and the fight boils down to a clash of values. Both major parties are really for big government — just big in different places.

Republicans say they’re outraged that Obama would “borrow and spend” his way to a new behemoth government. But they borrowed and spent their way through the ’80s and the current decade. And they love big government — when it’s at the Pentagon.

Democrats from Obama on down insist that they don’t like big government, that they’re just forced into a temporary spending spree by the recession. But Democrats love big government as well, when it’s for social programs such as universal health care.   continue reading here


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